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Hand Knit Scarf - Navajo Purple Hand Spun Wool Silk Wind River Rib

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Hand-spinners are content, calm people, who love fiber and color and the process of making yarn. Many spinners one encounters however are new and inexperienced, and the result is a lumpy "thick and thin" yarn, and not very much of it, resulting in a tiny scarf more like a lacy collar than a true winter scarf.When you encounter the work of experienced artisan hand-spinners, however, you know it right away. This Navajo purple yarn was spun by a master. The result is this truly unique, never-to-be-repeated hand spun yarn, purchased just upon opening of the Taos Fiber Fair in New Mexico this fall. A dark purple with light orange, pink and yellow silk highlights, this beautiful yarn is from The 100thSheep, spun in a mixed wool from Frida Acres Farms. The scarf is knit in the Rocky Mountain inspired Wind River Rib - valleys and peaks making up a deep and interesting rib providing strength and suppleness and showing off the natural alpaca fiber. It is completely reversible and hand washable. At repose, the scarf is 9 inches wide, the rib allows it to stretch to 14" wide. The end result is a snuggly, western, wonderful scarf, soft and comfortable against the skin - one of my all-time favorites. READY TO SHIP: the scarf in the photograph is the actual scarf you receive when purchased. Merchant SKU: SC-HK-011916Dimensions: 9" x 66"Care: hand wash in cool water, wrap in towel to remove excess water, lay flat to dryFiber contents: Mixed wool from Frida Acres Farms with silk highlightsOther Scarves of Hand Spun Yarn:- Black and White Rough-spun Alpaca: Brown and White Dry Creek Alpaca: Brown Hand-Spun Yak: Brown Tweed Alpaca: Carrot Cake Wool: Charcoal Grey Cashmere: Mint Tea Wool: Natural Brown Rough-Spun Alpaca Fence Rib: Sugar Plum: Teal Green Wool: scarves made from yarn sourced from small alpaca and wool farms:- Baby Blue Luscious Alpaca Lace: Black Deer Valley Alpaca: Black Grey Rough-Spun Alpacas of the Ark: Black Serafina Dry Creek Alpaca: Blue Lonesome Stone La Vida Loca: Blue Snow Luscious Lonesome Stone Alpaca: Brown and White Wynham Farms Yak: Brown and White Dry Creek Alpaca: Brown Rough-Spun Alpacas of the Ark: Brown and White Deer Valley Alpaca: Brown Hand-Spun Carrot Cake Wool: Brown Sparkly Caramel from Dry Creek Alpacas: Charcoal Grey Cody Wool: Cherry Chocolate Cable Rib Wool: Christmas Red & Green Lonesome Stone Wool: Denim Cody Wool: Green Gentle Spirit Alpaca Farms: Ivory Deer Valley Alpaca: Light Grey Cody Mountain Meadow Wool: Mint Green Wool Feather & Fan: Navajo Purple Wind River Rib: Navy Blue Furrow Wool: Orange Deer Valley Alpaca: Pastel Morning Wool Silk: Pink Sugar Coated Cable Rib: Red Denim Stripe Wool: Red Pagewood Farms Feather & Fan: Red Pagewood Farms Trail Rib: Rocky Mountain Powder Cable Rib: Ruby River Feather & Fan Wool: Scarlet Red Mountain Meadow Wool: Soft Grey Catskill Wool: Sorrel Cody Mountain Meadow Wool: Teal Green Wool Feather & Fan: White River Valley Alpaca: Winter White Cable Rib Silky Merino: White Cody Mountain Meadow: RAG RUGS:- Hand-Braided and Twinned: Hand-Hooked: Hand-Woven: KNIT SCARVES, WRAPS and SHAWLS:- SIGNATURE SCARVES: my favorites, because of the yarn, the pattern, the artistry, a combination of all elements. SHAWLS and WRAPS: BEAUTIFUL NATURAL FIBERS:- ALPACA - harvested from alpaca animals, light or heavy in weight, depending on how it is spun. Soft, durable, luxurious and silky. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. At home on small farms throughout the US, especially the Rocky Mountains and Foothills. CASHMERE - fine in texture, strong, light and soft, providing excellent insulation, approximately three times that of sheep wool. COTTON - plant based, soft, breathable. MOHAIR - a silk-like yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. Both durable and resilient, mohair is notable for its high luster and sheen. Frequently used to accent other fibers. SILK - a natural protein fiber, produced from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like fibre, which allows silk refract light. Silk is strong, supple, and frequently used to balance other natural fibers. WOOL - wool has greater bulk than other textiles, and holds air, which retains heat and absorb moisture. Wool absorbs and holds dye beautifully, and has been keeping us warm since before the 12th century. IN A VARIETY OF PATTERNS:- Cable Knit: Lace: Patchwork: Ribs: Stripes: YARN FROM LOCAL FIBER LOVERS:- Artisan Hand-Dyed: Hand-Spun: Sourced from Small Farms: MEN AND WOMEN, SHORT AND TALL:- SCARVES FOR MEN - Men who are natty dressers will like many of the scarves from the Studio. More conservative men wear scarves for warmth and like them to be reversible, in neutral colors, knit in unfussy, repetitive all-over patterns. EXTRA LONG SCARVES - Manufactured scarves are often too short which is disappointing every time you wear it. Many of the scarves on the Studio are over 70 inches and therefore 'extra long' to allow for extra wrapping for all of us, and the warmth of those who are long or tall. SHORT, PETITE or SMALL FRAME or for those who prefer a simple neck drape or minimal wrapping - 45-58" long. the Studio at Red Top Ranch: Red Top Ranch is the southwestern Nebraska home of a rural family, 3 rescued dogs and one fiber artist. At the heart of the Studio is a love of nature, outdoors, the West and winter. Scarves, shawls and rag rugs are made using the traditional hand-crafted methods of our frontier grandmothers. Created by hand, one project at a time, combining natural materials with good design for beauty, durability, and individuality.Natural Warmth & Comfort, Made by Hand as in Simpler Times.

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